Visual Culture and Tourism by Nina Lübbren
Visual Culture and Tourism
Author: Nina Lübbren
Book title: Visual Culture and Tourism
ISBN: 1859735835
ISBN13: 978-1859735831
Format: pdf, fb2, epub
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic; 1st edition (May 1, 2003)
Language: English
Size pdf version: 1604 kb
Size epub version: 1870 kb
Rating: 4.1 ✪
Votes: 443
Category: Arts & Photography
Subcategory: History & Criticism

From postcards and paintings to photography and film, tourism and visual culture have a long-standing history of mutual entanglement. For centuries art has inspired many an intrepid traveller, and tourism provides an insatiable market for indigenous art, 'authentic' or otherwise.

This book explores the complex association between tourism and visual culture throughout history and across cultures. How has tourism been linked to images of colonial expansion? Why are we so intrigued by 'lost' places, such as Tutankhamun's tomb or Machu Picchu, South America's lost city of the Incas? What is the relationship between art, tourism and landscape preference? What role did commercial tourist photographers play in the imagination of Victorian Britain? Drawing upon examples from across the globe, this exciting new contribution to a popular subject illustrates how tourism and visual culture intersect with one another and in the process become contested ground.